Tuesday, March 12

Leveling a Guild 1-25

First step I took once i created my guild was to install this addon 

Super Guild Invite

SuperGuildInvite - Guild - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse

This addon searches everyone on the Server without a guild and has a few options. You can invite choose to Whisper the player with a message you set up or you can Invite and Whisper the Player. What I choose to do was Whisper and Invite the player. It was a 50 / 50 most players joined the guild and have stayed the rest didnt accept.

My message was

Excuse me PLAYER for interrupting your leveling, why not join NAME and get some guild perks as you level. Free guild repairs and we have leveling tabs in the guild bank. We only ask you treat others with respect.

PLAYER : Types in the players name
NAME : Types in guilds name
LEVEL : adds the guilds lvl which I didn't use due to the fact that my guild was below lvl 25

All you have to do now is click Super Scan and begin to invite people to your guild.

When it comes to Leveling the guild I found Dungeons to be the most experience but that Caps at 7 Dungeons a week the Requirements for this are 3 out of 5 members in the party must be from the same guild and they have to be MoP Regular or Heroics. We also did scenarios which take 3 out of 3 people from the guild. These also add a huge amount of gold to your guild bank to pay for those repairs.

Dailies are a huge way to level the guild if you are max level but what I found to be the best way was get a ton of low level players as they level up from 1-90 the quests they do add so much experience to the guild.

If you and a friend are decent at Arena I would also suggest 2v2 if you win its a decent chunk of Experience for the guild.

At first levels were a bit slow as we had under 50 members around level 15 we grew to over 200 members now were level 22 and the guild has been getting almost two levels a day.

If anyone else has some other tips please share them below I just wanted to share what I did that worked good for my guild.

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