Tuesday, March 12

PET's/Patterns/Books/Hunter pets/Mount all in one Farm! GOLD+

Hey guys recently today i tried heading Isle of the Giants (above pandaria) and started killing the Zandalari NPC's. They have a quite high drop chance to drop the following pets:
These have a really high chance to drop (8% According to wow head) i see one drop off nearly every NPC i kill. I have made a HUGE profit of keeping these Caging then as a battle pet and selling them. This is because hardly anyone knows about the island yet. Although people will start to catch on. Make use of this while you can.

Also if you are a hunter there are books that drops allowing you to tame uniwue dinosaur pets from the island. I noticed also some JC patterns droping allowing me to make the Primal Diamonds.

Please be aware that the NPC's do have 1697k HP and can hit quite hard.

The npcs will also drop bones,please keep these as you need to collect them for a mount when you have recieved the correct amount.

The new Spectral Porkuipine is also there for hunters to tame in BM spec.
Hope this guide helps, please comment and let me know your thoughts

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