Wednesday, March 13

Prot Warrior's Green Transmog

Here is a Transmogrification that was mailed to us with the following description: I have a friend who sells a lot of xmog gear and she showed me the oathkeepers helm and once I saw it I knew I had to make an xmog based around it haha

Nice! You know what I like most about it? It's unique. It's not another Absolution set, or another Judgement set, this isyour green warrior set. No one else is going to have that.

When you take a walk through Stormwind, you're not going to look like just another warrior in some transmog tier look-a-like. You look like you.

I bet you really stand out in dungeons and raids, too. A set like this must really pop against the usual dark sets and clown suits.

Personally, I wouldn't wear this armor. But that doesn't matter, because it's your armor. And it's kickass.


Helm: Oathkeeper's Helm
Shouldes: Expedition Defender's Shoulders
Chest: Fel Iron Breastplate
Waist: Fel Iron Plate Belt
Legs: Fel Iron Plate Pants
Feet: Fel Iron Plate Boots
Gloves: Fel Iron Plate Gloves
Cloak: Ivycloth Cloak
Tabard: none
Shirt: Green Linen Shirt
Main hand: Fang of Twilight
Off hand: The Boreal Guard

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