Wednesday, March 13

Throne of Thunder - under map using Far Sight

We took those last night while standing in the courtyard next to Council.

We stood on the right side near Marli and used Far Sight on a tree above the wall.

The first picture is looking back at the Council area, the second is just beyond the door after Council, and the last two are looking toward later parts of the instance.

I'm not 100% on this, but in the past I have seen checkered boxes like that used as placeholders when either: a) a model has not been created yet for the intended object or b) there is an error occurring either server side or client side that causes the model to not load, and replaces the object with one of these boxes. First time I saw these was back in WC3, it seemed to only happen when my game had a momentary glitch and didn't load the models correctly. There have also been screenshots of WoW characters wearing these boxes in place of different pieces of armor; once again I'm assuming the model didn't load up correctly.

Here is some offline-exploration of the area I found a way to load the ptr client data into the 5.1 client, and explore using a private server. I was most interested in the areas that you can't normally go, which is what most of my screenshots are of.

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