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Zandalari Warbringers- Gold + Pandarian Reputation+ Gear+ Chance at 3 Mounts

(Hunter Only- Only way that I know how to explain- You can probably solo these with your class, but i cannot help you with it)

In this guide I will show you how to easily earn Gold, Reputation with the Pandarian Factions, (without having to do dailies) Gear, as well as a chance at any of the three mounts that have a chance (4%) to drop from these. First off, an overview of these enemies, just in case you aren't already farming these, or haven't read the patch notes. Zandalari Warbringers are new rare-elite mobs that are found all around Pandaria, with their inclusion in Patch 5.2. They have a health pool of around 20-21million, so the fight should take a while, depending on your ilvl as a hunter. (Mine- 498- I can kill these in under 5 minutes)

The Warbringers themselves have 5 different abilities. These are called Vengeful Spirit, Star Map, Thunder Crush, Scarab Swarm, and Horrific Visage. Each of the Warbringers have four of these five abilities, each one being a random selection. Vengeful Spirit summons a Spirit, much like the Dark Summoner in the Brawler's Guild, that will attack either you or your pet, dealing 100k damage per hit. In order to deal with this mechanic, I advise you to set your pet to passive, kiting the Warbringer around until the Spirit despawns- approx 10-15 seconds. Star Map summons meteors that fall around the Warbringer, doing about 190-200k per hit. Try to avoid these at all costs. His next ability, Thunder Crush, summons a cone stretching out in front of the Warbringer for about 20 yards, doing 200k+ if you stand in it. However, it doesn't seem to harm your pet, allowing you to easily stay outside the cone, not worrying about this ability. Scarab Swarm is one that you most likely will have to deal with. When casting this, the Warbringer spawns about 10-12 scarabs that immediately attack you, unless your pet takes threat. Make sure you use all your AoEs on the scarabs, killing them as fast as possible, as they slow whoever they are attacking, making it that much harder to kite/move around. Finally, his last ability, Horrific Visage, is the hardest to deal with as a hunter. It fears the current target for approx. 6 seconds. Try to make sure your pet is alive during this ability, or you will most probably die. During this entire fight, be sure to keep Mend Pet on the entire time, and get Glyph of Mending/Animal Bond to increase healing. If your pet begins to get too hurt, immediately set him to passive, and use slows/stuns while you heal him up.

EDIT- Blizz just put in a hotfix that doesn't allow you to taunt/slow/stun Warbringers- wasn't their intention but we have to deal with it while they fix it- here's a macro to help your hunter from pulling threat off your pet.

/cast [@focus,exists][@pet,exists] Misdirection
/cast Mend Pet

Be sure to bring a pet with 50% damage reduction ability (e.g. Turtle)
Since no taunts/growl work- this macro helps not to pull the boss while casting Mend Pet
Also helps that you dont have to target pet when casting Misdirection

Zandalari Warbringer Locations-
  • Jade Forest- 52 17
  • Townlong Steppes- 36 88
  • Krasarang Wilds- 39 66
  • Kun-Lai Summit- 75 62
  • Dread Wastes- 47 60

Finally, once you kill one of these guys, you are able to take the spoils of your hunt. These include Insignias, that are BoA, and so you can send these to your lower level characters, even before they become level 90. The Insignias give you 1000 rep with either of the four main factions in Pandaria- Shado Pan, Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, and the August Celestials. (2000 with 100% rep token) This will save you from having to do mindless dailies, day after day, as you can just farm the Warbringers. They spawn about every 30-60 minutes. Also, this helps your gear in how, once you get exalted with either the Golden Lotus, or the Klaxxi, you get a questline, which gives you a 489 ring or necklace.

The Warbringers also drop either Little or Big Bags of Zandalari Supplies, which can contain ore/herbs/leather/cloth- stuff from any of the gathering professions. When farming these guys, I can make about 2000g an hour, depending on how many Big Bags i can find, compared to the Little Bags. Besides this, the Big Bags can also contain two 440 epics per bag, of which most are BoE. On my server, these sell for 400g each, helping with profit, and/or gear, depending on your ilvl.

Besides this, you have a chance at three mounts that drop, or three different skins of the same mount- Slate Primordial Direhorn, Amber Primordial Direhorn, and Jade Primordial Direhorn. These mounts have a 4% chance to drop, according to WoWhead. This gives an incentive to farm the Warbringers, of which the gold and reputation is a bonus.

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