Wednesday, March 20

Mouse movements during 9 hours of progression raiding.

Program used was IOGraphica. Notice the amount of times he went to the upper right hand corner (browsing  in between wipes) and also the high traffic around the middle of the bottom area (that's where Grid is!). Since he strafe by holding down his right mouse button and pressing A and D (bound to strafe left/right) the mouse "resets" to the middle of the screen and then "reappears" once a fight starts and he start healing.

Here's a picture the player UI with the movements as an overlay. Forgot to say that where "Levitate" is that He is clicking, that's actually where Void Tendrils are currently. As a healer I don't use them much, but there has been times I've had to (when a SPriest used them at the wrong time). I'm the extra-extra backup :)

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