Wednesday, April 3

Amazing Cosplay - I envy the skills of these craftsman.

LK armor may be a bit too colorful, but I really enjoy the attention to detail when it comes to the shape. Everything just fits perfectly, it's impressive for once to see a guy surrounded and cosplay chicks, and yet the guy still drags the most attention. His cosplay is so good that the girls around him look like simple props.

I mean okay, they're pretty good, and hot, I'll admit it, but skimpy cosplays are just overdone to a point where it doesn't surprise me much, unless it's really, really, REALLY good (and when you make a skimpy outfit, since most of what people will see is your body, you have to have the same body type as the character you play as - which unfortunately isn't something you control).

That armor though, is freaking amazing. The fur on the boots is a very nice touch, too.

I know they are dressing accurately to the way the characters were designed, but it's just not as surprising to see a girl in a skimpy outfit anymore, even if that's the way they were designed. A girl in a much more... concealing outfit, however, is much more impressive, like this one. (this is a Starcraft Cosplay)

When I look at a cosplay, I want to look at what they're wearing, not who's wearing it. The problem with more revealing clothes is that we tend to look more at the girl than the actual cosplay. Don't get me wrong, while I do enjoy looking at them, I just don't find their armorkinis to be as crafty as a full body armor.

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