Wednesday, April 3

Gain Sunreaver Onslaught Rep before you hit 90!

So I stumbled on this while leveling up my alt.

Since you can now champion a faction and earn extra rep with them doing the daily dungeon and scenario, I was curious if I could do it on my lvl 88 toon.

And yes you can. I dont think it's intended to start farming this rep early but its more of a guide than an exploit, so I posted it here.

With this you can buy some nice 476/496 ilvl items once you hit 90.

Steps to do:
  1. Get any Sunreaver Onslaught Insignia Sunreaver Onslaught Insignia - Item - World of Warcraft with you main. There are various ways to get one (questing, finding a Trove on the Isle of Thunder, Doing the Palace of Lei Shen Scenario, etc...)
  2. Since it is BoA, mail it to your toon you want to get early rep with.
  3. Log on your toon, loot mailbox and use the Insignia.
  4. Do your dungeon/scenario.
  5. Profit 

I'm pretty sure this can work with lower levels as well. But I only tried it at 87. If anyone could confirm if it works at 80-85 or even lower it would be great

Here's a picture

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