Sunday, April 21

Earn rep from honored to revered with the black prince within an hour

Some of you are probably farming horde npc along the shore of Krasarang Wilds to reach revered to complete the Black Prince quest. I just found out that it can easily be done within an hour if you're alliance. Keep in mind that you need to have completed the first few quests for operation:shieldwall for the alliance base to appear along the shore.

If you go to the shore, where the alliance tower is. You'll see that horde npc are spawning and running towards the side of the tower. Before they get there, tho, they get killed by catapults of some sort. If you tag them, then you don't have to finish them off. Just let the catapult do the rest. I managed to get to revered within an hour and got lots of motes and gold (yes, you can loot the corpses).

Hopefully this might help some people looking for a fast way to farm the rep to complete the legendary quest.

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