Sunday, April 7

Easy Primordius Kill - Normal or Heroic, 10 or 25.

As if the fight wasn't a joke already, but now you can make it even easier, simply by ignoring the small blobs which spawn.

How? Well simply by having great DPS. The tooltips at primordius are bugged, in reality, the boss takes 25% less damage, however even with that 25% less damage, there is no need to kill the small blobs which spawn.

Simply pull the boss to the enterence or exit door, spread the raid 5 yards apart from each other for the acidic spines debuff, and nuke him till he dies.

Yup, it realy is that simple, and yes, it works not only on normal and LFR, but for Heroic aswell.

With heroic, you get a new add called Vicious Horror. To make the DPS requirement on Heroic, you need to drop 1 DPS and add an extra tank. Your 2 normal tanks will rotate as usual due to the debuff the boss applies for them, however your tanks taking the Vicious Horrors will pick up a debuff which means when they hit the boss a dot gets applied, which, done correctly (it takes some practice) will be ticking for upwards of 500k per tick. The 3rd tank basically picks up every other Vicious Horror, gets the debuff, then when his add dies, goes and stacks debuffs on the boss to do crazy damage.

Enjoy your easy(er) loot!

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