Sunday, April 7

Solo Zandalari Warbringers as a disc priest

Soloing these as priests aren't efficient in any way, but hey, if you don't have a choice it's better than nothing!

  • Body and Soul
  • Mindbender (I guess Solace and insanity works as well for mana regen, but having the bender to soak fears is golden)
  • Desperate prayer (Bulwark also works)
  • Divine Insight
  • Divine star (Obviously Halo and Cascade also work, but Divine star is more controlled, and you don't really want a million mobs trying to daze you)

  • Glyph of Penance
  • Glyph of Sanctum
  • Glyph of Weakened Soul

Gear: 6k spirit should keep you with enough mana and Haste is waste.

Enchants: Shoe enchants that increase movement speed

Buffs: Fortitude and Inner WIll -> Inner Will is key, and Fear Ward if the warbringer has the Horrific Visage ability.

So, what you want to do is run *sideways* around in a big circle, or in an elliptic path with a rock or tree to turn the warbringer around at both sides. I find the latter to work best.
When running sideways, you cast Penance, Holy Fire and Mindbender at cooldown, keep Shadow Word: Pain up, and recast it if you have both Holy Fire and Penance on cooldown to avoid a reset, as he reset if you don't attack him for 6~ish seconds. If he stops to cast something, use this opportunity to smite him.

If you do get company from vandering mobs or his scarabs, Divine star should handle the scarabs and you can cast Shadow Word: Pain on the extra mobs while kiting. You can also just kill them with Penance and Holy Fire as long as you don't forget to also attack the boss to avoid reset. these extra mobs and scarabs can be killers if they manage to chain-daze you, so make sure they die or resets when kiting the Warbringer out of their path.

Use Power Word: Shield as a speed boost and protection every time he gets close. Pain suppression and Desperate Prayer (Bulwark is obviously a good choice here as it protects you passively) if you get dazed or he get in some hurt on you.

Pretty easy and straight forward. Good luck farming them mounts!

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