Friday, April 5

Female to Male Visual ONLY

I've been using this trick ever since TBC so I guess it's time to share it out there!

What this guide is going to be about is how to from a Female toon you become a male toon at anytime for a period of time!

Get a Iron Boot Flask from vendors in
The Storm Peaks. Once you use it you will turn into a Iron Dwarf Male.

Now took keep your mog set showing you can either use Orb of Deception or Orb of the Sin'doreiHave both will increase your time you stay male visually eith human (depending on race) or belf male.

/use Iron Boot Flask
/use Orb of the Sin'dorei

Iron Boot Flask can be also used with other transformation items such as

- Leyaras Locket
- Blington 4000 Buff "Let's Party"

And more.

Instead of using Iron Boot Flask you can always go to To Netherwing Ledge Then use Orb of Deception or Orb of the Sin'dorei or whatever you want  This is the way I used to do it before WOLTK came out since Iron Boot Flask was introduced then.

Hopefully this small tutorial was of any help to anyone

Feel free to leave opinion if you have more ideas on how to get these visuals updated

I have been trying to figure out on how to get this visual permanently without having to wait on cooldown.. But hey I might have found it  Or maybe I haven't ?

Peace !

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