Friday, April 12

GIF about handling Torrent of Ice on Magaera

My guild's strat with the Torrent of Ice and warlock gateways involves standing in ice for several seconds, making sure to run on top of everyone you can find beside you while ignoring the portals, then dying and blaming healers. Works as well as it sounds.

This gif implies that the portals are extremely close together. On heroic I find that placing them far enough back and hitting the portal right away to be thrown back and letting the ice beam reach me is a better tactic. I then run back in the clear spots between each lock portal row. Ice beams happen way more often than fire debuffs so you're essentially limiting yourself to one lock portal per ice beam until someone with fire cleans it up which leaves time for ice to build up all over the place. This also allows for player error in dispelling the fire debuff too early and making things worse whereas my plan works every time but you have slightly more running to do. Edit: as a warlock I just demon circle back, that whole bit was just for non-warlocks.

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