Friday, April 12

Does anyone else think the server transfer + faction change is a bit ridiculous in price?

I feel like there should be some sort of packaging deal with this. For example, I play Horde on Arthas. I have quite a bit of characters there (6 90s, 4 80s). Recently I found out a good friend of mine plays on Sargeras-Alliance and I was interested in transferring over to play with him and his guild. However, after looking into it, it seems it's $55 per character to go there. Now granted I could give up most of my chars and just play my main, I still feel $55 is really steep and can't quite afford to spend that much. I'm pretty much your standard broke college student player. I'm sure there're plenty of you out there that agree that $55 is just not something you can toss around.

TL;DR Wanna transfer to play with a friend, think price is too steep for most people.

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