Wednesday, April 24

Guild Rep + Potential for guild leveling (May be slow)

In darkshore after a few quests there is a quest called "The Ritual Bond". You are phased into a realm with 3 quest givers. 

You talk to any of them, and it gives you an instant quest complete. I wish it gave exp, but it doesn't. If you drop that initial quest it lets you repeat the phased quest again so long as you pick it back up.

Does not count towards total quests complete.

Starting quest ( Non-repeatable, must be dropped upon each successful completion of repeatable quest)

Repeatable quest (Spirit of the thistle bear) The other 2 quest givers also work if you guys find one to be faster)

It took me 10 seconds to do a complete cycle doing the repeatable quest.

TL;DR repeatable quest takes 10 seconds to complete. There is potential for it to be used to gain guild rep quickly or level a guild.

Didn't shop my name out, I'm not much of an exploiter just thought that it might be useful for yall to mess with or disregard.

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