Tuesday, April 16

Kill friendly players anywhere [Un-instanced]

In Terrace of Endless Spring, one of the mobs in the first boss encounter (Asani), will use a spell on a couple random players called Lightning Prison Spirit Link Totem - Spell - World of Warcraft. . If you leave the instance while Lightning Prison is on you, it will not be removed.

  1.  Queue up for ToES LFR.
  2.  Engage 1'st boss.
  3.  As soon as you get Lightning Prison on you (not the stun, but the pre-stun debuff), leave the group.
  4.  You will get back to wherever you were before you queued up.
  5.  Stand on top of another player and watch as their health slowly goes away.
This is of course optimal if you are 2 people doing it, seeing as 1 Lightning Prison won't be enough to kill a geared player.

Also, you will be stunned while it is on, so you can't chase people. (You might die, so having a CD or HoT's is optimal)

The faster your computer is, the more optimal the exploit will be, since you will have a slower duration left on the effect when you get out of the loading screen if your computer is slow.

Pro tip: The damage does not spread on multiple targets, so for optimal murdering, use it in the Orgrimmar Auction House.

Note: It's important that you leave before you get the actual stun from Lightning Prison. I'll post a screen-shot of it later.

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