Wednesday, April 17

Huge Isle of thunder DPS

When your server has unlocked the last part of the Isle of Thunder, and Nalak is unlocked, if you choose to do the PvP dailies you can pick up a quest called [Charged Moganite]. (link below) from Warmage Yurias (ALLIANCE) or High Arcanist Savor (HORDE).

Once on this quest you can find the Charged Moganite in rotten tree stumps around Diremoor. Once you've picked up the item you will see the animation on your back and you.

get a buff which gives you a chance to deal bonus nature damage. I have done up to 2 mil dps on Nalak and rares with this buff, Just make sure you don't hand the quest in or you won't be able to pick it up until the next day.

Mounting doesn't remove the buff, maybe we can get into ToT with this buff?
Charged Moganite - Quest - World of Warcraft

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