Wednesday, April 17

Level a guild to level 25 AND make some gold along the way

Have no friends and looking to become the most popular dude in your guild? Looking to make LONGTERM gold with minimal effort? Looking to pimp your guild? LOOK NO FURTHER!

What you'll need:

  1. A guild. Not going to write a guide on how to create a guild. Look here for info. (If you're looking for a quick way to get signatures, offer 50g-100g per sig.)
  2. SuperGuildInvite Addon - Link here - SuperGuildInvite - Guild - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse
  3. Conversational skills / Social Engineering. (Aldun wrote a guide a long time ago about social engineering. Essentially it's a great way to talk to people and get things )
  4. A little bit of time

Optional: Initial gold to invest into your guild. Not required, BUT helpful!

The Guide:

Alrighty, so I'm assuming all you monkey's have created a guild! So now on to the "meat and potatoes" of the guide!

1) Configure SuperGuildInvite Addon:

This is the Option/Configuration page of SuperGuildInvite. You can get to this screen by typing /sgi options or by clicking the blue SGI button on your minimap. The options are pretty self explanatory, however I decided to highlight the 2 important functions.

Invite Mode - Whisper Only

2) Set your invite mode to Whisper Only! (THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT)

If you configure the addon to whisper only and not invite, it's like your being more social with the player. You're asking him/her a question, rather than BLINDLY inviting them to your guild. THIS WORKS WONDERS!

Level Limits - The level range SGI will scan to invite to your guild. You can change the intervals by using the mouse wheel. I choose 2-90 because I didn't want to invite bank alts, etc.

3) Customize your whispers

Click the 'Customize Whisper' button. Below is the custom whisper screen.

Here's the beauty of SGI, you can set up to SIX custom messages to talk to people. Make them VERY casual. Something along the lines of,

"hey, i see you're not in a guild. are you looking for one bud? we offer free repairs"

Something so simple gets a HUGE response from players.

4) Click Super Scan and watch the addon do work!

5) Mash the Invite button

You'll notice a ton of whispers will start to flow in, asking you plenty of things. Like:

"What level is the guild?"
"How many members?"
"Free repairs?"
etc. etc.

Here's where your social skills come into play and you'll convince them to join the guild.

I've found through whispering members before the guild and keeping a friendly rapore with members, players tend to stay in the guild MUCH longer! This results in progressing your guild level almost daily and generating you gold once your guild hits level 6!

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