Thursday, April 18

[Tip] Check old characters for grandfathered shirts worth 10-15k+

So i found this shirt on one of my characters called "Brawler's Harness" and since i didn't recognize the name, i looked it up on wowhead.

Brawler's Harness

Apparently this thing is selling for over 10k gold because it is no longer available. It was the shirt orc, undead, tauren and troll warriors started with, but the starter sets changed in cata.

After looking into it some more, i also found i had ~5 Thug Shirt on random characters that sell for even more.

This is the shirt that orc and undead rogues started with.

This is probably very old news to some, but as i'm someone who is very interested in grandfathered items ect and had no clue i had these and what they are worth, there is probably some of you who has missed this as well.

 Here is the rest of the shirts with race/class combinations:

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