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Friday, May 31

Best PvP Comp

He just went full DK

I had an alienware laptop with good specs, it should have been able to handle raids like a pro. But even with the AC in the house set to 70, and a designated cooling pad, it would overheat like a beast and I'd get about 4-5 fps. I once even tried setting a BOXFAN over two chairs and put the laptop on that, so it got ridiculous cooling airflow. Still overheated and would lag the fuck out.

It finally overheated so hard it actually melted it's own processor. I bought a less-beastly Asus (which I hate because it's given me nothing but problems with the power source) but at least it doesn't overheat. I can now actually raid in LFR without problems, with less processing power/ram/graphics power.

Laptops suck.

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