Sunday, May 5

[Druid] Detailed Guide to Permanent Flame Kitty

With patch 5.2 brought [Burning Seed]. What this does is give you a one hour buff that gives you the fire kitty transformation originally granted by [Fandral's Flamescythe]. This buff persists through death, spec change, zone changing, and shapshifting. You can only have five on you at a time, but it is mailable to alts, allowing you to stock up on them. They spawn around the portal in Staghelm's area. I'm not sure if everyone can see them, but ONLY DRUIDS can loot these items. Now, to get these, it's actually much faster to do this solo.

1. It's best to do this as Guardian or Resto, for the healing since all you need to do is kite. I've never played Boomkin, so I am not sure how their healing is. Now, I went as Guardian and took [Heart of the Wild] so I could just spam heals and be 100% sure I wouldn't die.

2. Stealth pass all the trash up to Alysrazor. There you will encounter two casters, and two birds called [Blazing Monstrosity]. They cast [Molten Barrage] which WILL kill you if hit. Other than that, they pose no threat. Charge into the casters, stand there until the birds cast the barrage, and the MOVE right away. This will kill the casters.

3. Kill the eggs. It's basically the same thing as above. There are two spots, which are easy to see. Just run around them, allowing the barrage to hit them until they are dead.

4. Kill the two birds. To do this, just around one of them until the barrage kills them (as you can tell, the spell just follows where ever you go). Once one is dead, do the same to the second.

5. Now comes for flying! Alysrazor will spawn and drop her feathers. This is important!: Do NOT pick up the feathers until she has spawned the LAST one. This will be the FIRST one you pick up. Now I'm not sure if this ALWAYS happens, but if that is not the first feather picked up, she will despawn. It's no big deal, but why waste time? :P You will now have the [Wings of Flame] buff to fly.

6. Now just fly over to the portal across the bridge (image below)! They will be right around it, and it's best to zoom in, as they are tiny.


Picture One: Where you fly to:

Credit to Wowhead for these two, since I forgot to take my own:

Picture Two: What the portal looks like:

Picture Three and Four: The seeds, which look like tiny amber seeds. 


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