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Sunday, May 5

Making the best out of race/Class/professions combos

What you'll be doing is comparing race, class profession combos for the most effective builds

these are the sites I use to look for great combos

Races - World of Warcraft to look at racials

World of Warcraft Class Guides, DPS Rankings and Talent Calculator - Updated to 5.2 (MoP) to look at stat priority of every class and the professions options for said class.

when creating a character you look at racial abilities to be helpful in pve/pvp, gold making, appearance and general effectiveness
I'd like to show you some examples

draenei restoration shaman with herbalism and jewel crafting

as a restoration shaman your heals receive a higher percentage based off of mastery. Draenei's start out with a a HoT which also receives bonuses from mastery and the same goes for the herbalism cool down that gives haste and a hot effect. Jewel craft is one of the best professions for a draenei because once you learn jewel crafting they gain an extra 15 points towards it. And once you're maxed you could gem into mastery for mana efficiency since you'll be having two extra healing spells that don't require any mana.

Gnome discipline priest, with engineering/mining

gnomes start out with an increased mana pool and also discipline priests do as well
and gnomes are natural engineers and combined with their anti snare cool down GREAT survival abilities.

Worgen Death knight, skinning/leather working

Worgens are natural skinners “but as death knights?” yes not only do worgens skin faster but death knights have a faster mounted speed from “on a pale horse”
so this makes the worgen death knights the fastest skinners in the game.
it's gathering profession that suplies to leatherworking.. .why leather-working well nearly free and superior bracer and leg enchants

Tauren Protection Paladin with Herbalism and mining.

As protection paladin your primary stat is haste to fuel your holy power
herbalism gives you that and a hot you can put on yourself.
Mining is pure stamina which is a good stat to help tanks
taurens gather herbs the fastest and paladins have a faster movement speed
tauren protection paladin herbalism/miners are my personal favorite to bot on because if someone attacks you you have enough time to get the computer without your character dying!

Goblin Rogue used for farm lockboxes for the insane title
the one hour bank cooldown helps you to farm longer with less downtime because you're able to access while in the dungeon and that's what I when I was farming for them. I even used a scroll of rez to get an 80 one just so I could do farm lockboxes because it comes with full bags in bank and in inventory.

I hope this has been useful for you when you create your next character!

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