Tuesday, May 28

-Potentially- Highly profitable shuffle (requires DE)

Here is  a potential way to make vast amounts of money, depending on your server of course. Always make sure to research prices before hand, and check how much of these items sell daily on WoWuction! Also, before anyone from Code M Plosion starts complaining that I stole this from the Elite Section, I've known about this for a few months now, and since y'all shared it, I decided to share it as well.

Basically, we're going to be making Wizardweave Turbans

To make one of these, you need 6X Bolts of Runecloth (24 runecloth), 4X Dream Dust, 1X Star Ruby, and 1X Rune Thread. On the server I play on (Stormrage - Us - Alliance) all of this costs around 35g, to make one.

Now, you have the possibility to get anywhere from 2-9 Illusion Dust, 2-6 Greater Eternal Essences, and 1-2 Large Brilliant Shards. Assuming you get 5 Illusion Dust every time, 3 Greater Eternal essences twice, and 1 Large Brilliant Shard once from making 5 turbans, that equals:

175g put in to make the turbans
Total mats gained: 25 Illusion Dust, 6 Greater Eternal Essence, 1 Large Brilliant Shard.

Going from Stormrage's prices (and undercutting a bit), this equals to ~390g. So, I've more than doubled my gold that I put into this.

Anyways, I hope this helps some people, and best of luck!

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