Wednesday, May 15

[PVE Servers] Player of the other faction trying to steal your rare spawn? Kill him!

Isn't it annoying when you've been waiting 20 minutes for "your" rare to spawn, when some member of the other faction comes and start to spam searing totem/death&decoy etc and trying to steal it? Here is a cheap trick I used a couple of times to kill them on my pvp server.

When they start to pull off searing totems, D&D, consecration etc on the location where the rare is about to spawn, you can also take it for granted that they're hammering their attack button to immideately smack the rare as son as it comes up. What you do now, is to keep your cooldown macro ready, and walk next to them, type /pvp, and press enter. This will cause the player to target you and start attacking, since most spell automatically selects the nearest target if they have nothing targeted this will make them hit you and enabling them for pvp. Now finish them off quickly and hope they won't come back with their friends for revenge ;)

Another cheap trick you can use is almost the same as above, but with another start. Many players like to /duel and you can also challenge the player of the other faction to a duel, and when the countdown 3-2-1 starts running, wait until just before 1 and enable yourself for pvp with /pvp command and watch him unload on you and enabling himself for pvp since he attacks you before the duel has started.

Try it out for yourself! It works more often than you'd imagine!

Post your experiences here :)

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