Sunday, May 26

This is still my favorite spot in the game, even after all these years.

Had a hell of horrible time in BRD when I fist leveled. Was so happy to be done with it and I thought then I wouldnever go inside Blackrock Mountain ever again.

Was I wrong !!

Main is a miner.

Where else was I going to find dark iron ? And smelt it ?

And then I leveled an alt as a blacksmith. Needed more dark iron not to mention all the relevant recipes and the dark anvil.

Over less than a year I have learned my way in and around Blackrock Mountain and its instances forward and back.

The surprising, unexpected thing is that over time it became one of my favorite places to be in, so many details, nook, crannies, baddies, quests and locations to go to and stuff to do.

My blacksmith alt is a tank. It felt so good going in there knowing my way around. Getting the group to follow was an entirely different ordeal...
So many memories of shenanigans there...
  • Protecting raid priest while we're waiting for BWL to start as he mind controls Alliance players into the lava.
  • Getting mind controlled into the lava.
  • Showing guildmates how to shortcut down to the MC entrance lava ramp.
  • Ghost walking to the MC entrance lava ramp because occasionally the lava would act like ground.
  • First serious Ragnaros attempts, splitting the raid into 2 20 man teams to get the fire resist buff in LBRS.
  • Ragnaros down.
  • Chromaggus down, server-first Bloodfang Shoulders. This was early enough in WoW that I had to create a test server character copy to see what they looked like, because on production servers they looked like red shadowcraft.
  • Nefarian down, faction first on our server, and me having the DKP to loot ALL of the drops (it was all bloodfang, prestor's, very roguey drops) but I'm nice and pass on the head after I'm asked.
  • Getting into arguments with Alliance players over Nefarian fight - "It's just as hard for us." No. You don't understand - the totems.
  • Stealth runs into LBRS for chests. (Go go gadget combat rogue!)

Yeah, lot of good times there

  • "LOOT THE !@#$@#$ COREHOUND"
  • Horde Onyxia Attunement.
  • Green Dragons.
  • 40 people who can kill Nefarian dressed up like level 45 trash for Princess Huhu.

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