Tuesday, June 18

Alter Time affects portals & Those who USE IT [Could be interesting]

Pretty random bug, does not work everytime and worked 3out of the 8times we did it.

was pretty funny killing my paladin mate when the alter removed hes bouble xd twice

  • Cast portal ancient Dalaran.
  • Click it
  • Alter time after it has loaded
  • Wait few seconds (obviously) 
  • Alter time back. 
  • If done right the guy will be teleported back to where when you used alter time.
We been doing it for the last 15 minutes, tobad alter time has 2min cd and it does not work every time :3

Don't know what ways we could use this in seeing if you go to far alter breaks. but its pretty cool trolling ppl when you got fast loading

Not sure if theres a timer we need to hit, but we got it to work more then once so posting it hopefully i can find out how to do it better later on

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