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Sunday, June 30

How to get Shado-Pan Geyser Gun, fun vanity water gun added in 5.3!

Today my friend showed me a really cool water gun vanity item that was added in 5.3
Shado-Pan Geyser Gun 

When you use the item you get a new action button in the middle of the screen. When you click this button you spray water infornt of you with a 5 yard range. People and pets who get hit by this get a Soaking Wet debuff and a water effect on them.
The button is up for 5 min and the item got a 30 min cd. You are silenced while under the gun effect.

This is how it looks in action

I couldnt find it in any patch notes, but all wowhead comments are from 5.3 so that leads me to belive that my friends statments it true, anyways lets get on to how to get it

This gun is from Throne of Thunder, it requires you to get 250 stacks of the Spray Water debuff wich you gain from jumping on the small geysers. These geysers are in the Tortos boss room. After you jump up you get the debuff from 3-4 seconds, wich leaves you a 3 second window to jump to the next one. The once you should jump on are around the big geyser where you jump down after Council of the Elders.

You will fly in the direction that you have faced your character. The trick is to aim your character so that you face the next geyser you want to jump on while you are in the air. If you miss the geyser you got around a 1 second window to run over to it and jump.

Its recomended to have a Throne of Thunder save where Tortos/Council of the Elders are killed so that you can skip all trash. This can also be done in LFR so if you cant get ahold of a save you can que up for Forgotten Depths LFR and do it

This isnt really that hard, got it on my second try. But you need patience to do it as it takes around 10 min to get 250 stacks. So turn on some nice music and have fun with your geyser jumping

Edit: The item is sent to your mail and is BoA
It is sent along with this messege:

Hello Thunder-Delver!

The Shado-Pan have been watching your
progress through Lei Shen's Throne of
Thunder and were astounded by your
ninja-like geyser-jumping abilities in the
Forgotten Depths.
We are working on weaponizing geyser
technology in an attempt to turn Lei
Shen's thunderous powers against him.
I've included a prototype modification
of the Shado-Pan Dragon Gun. It just
seems fair that you be the first to use it!

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