Monday, July 1

And I thought I was finally going to Outland...

It ended up being a lot more people there than in the picture, probably around 50-100 horde flying and camping everyone in the area, lowbies or not.

Then Reszo put together a group and there was this huge war thing and bam, they're all dead now. I ran through before I could wait to see if they would counterattack

I really miss the dishonorable kills, well.. sort of. I think they were applied haphazardly (Vendors etc) so you'd end up with folks who had worked their asses off dropping an AOE in the wrong spot and fucking things over, but I think the overall principle still has some merit.

I am on a PvP server, I will not QQ over pvp, I think pvP is healthy and fun. That having been said, I think that Ganking lowbies is lower than low. Given WoW's logarithmic scaling, it is an asinine thing to do. I understand why the option for doing so exist, but I think that it goes without penalty is... silly.

Now, there are Non contested zones where low level players can level in peace and that's fine, and I don't think 2 people of around equal level shouldn't have the chance to fight each other, but with 90's now literally flying around the map with the ability to drop in an gank people? I think that really no forethought has been put into that kind of thing, even more so with camping.

PvP is fine, ganking lowbies? that's a pretty shitty thing to do IMO. I'm not going to QQ when I get ganked, don't get me wrong. That's what I signed up for, but I still believe it's pretty shitty. This attitude of "PvP happened on a PvP server" has been clouded. It seems to conflate ganking with PvP and I think that's just fucking stupid. PvP assumes that within a reasonable limit both parties are fighting, that is not what a level 90 dropping in on a level 30 in Ashenvale is. What that is is a level 90 holding up someone elses game play because they can.

Beyond that, there are already so few reasons people have to quest. I understand that this was Blizzard's "Let the Player's Choose" how to level philosophy, but the old world just seems so empty now even with CRZ's.

I think we have sacrificed things in the name of convenience that while to a degree useful detracts from the overall nature of the game. We have given so much to make the overall appeal of the game that it loses a bit of it's heart.

I suppose this is my soapbox; because, I know I've given hard core raiders shit in the past about their thought's on "Catering to casuals", but if ever there was to me at least, an instance of catering to the casual player, it's been giving people the ability to never leave a capital city.

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