Tuesday, June 11

Super easy rugged leather!!

For this, you need to be skinner ( doh )

The mobs we are killing is: Onyxian Warder - NPC - World of Warcraft

There are 4 of them on the way into onyxia lair. When you skin them, they give all from 12-20 RUGGED LEATHER each time! Wtf thats amazing!

You can reset the instance, and kill them again for the leather loots.. And when you bypassed the 5 instance limit, you can simply just go on another toon meanwhile!

At my server, rugged leather is around 100g each stack. So its pretty good money with very little efford.

Sometimes, you also get rugged hide, but its rare.

This is very best if you're horde, so you can just fly and and fourth to Orgrimmar as its very close

or if you are alli, you can use portal to theremore

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