Tuesday, June 11

To those of us who sneak a heroic in at work.

My job permits to me play WoW between 20-30 of my 40 working hours a week. Because I play over a 4g smart phone connection, I can't reliably raid or do arenas, and if I join battlegrounds my ping skyrockets. I'll admit being able to quest and do dailies at work is quite a sweet deal, but remember that I'm still AT WORK, so I occasionally get stuck leaving at a moments notice.

I guess the only thing that legitimately makes it not so great is that when I get home, because I've been playing at work, I get bored easily. I never really enjoy playing at home, where I'm actually comfortable and play goes uninterrupted. That seems like a stupid thing to complain about, but I work 3-11pm and usually stay up until 7am, so there isn't much else to do during the wee hours.

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