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Monday, July 8

3k Gold per Hour - Jade Forest Grinding!

a brief introduction.

Jade Forest, Windward Isle

  • Level 90 - Can be done on lower levels, but GPH will also be lower.
  • Skinning - Also strongly advised, but can be skipped (GPH will drop significantly.)

Plate wearing character (DK, Pala or Warrior).

Alright, what we'll be doing is a simple Grind --> Loot --> Vendor Filter --> Auction House --> Profit.
We'll be grinding three types of mobs located in the Windward Isle

The three mobs we'll be grinding are:

The Slitherscale Ripper 

Saltback Yearling and Saltback Turtles

Saltback Turtles are level 90 mobs with 470k hp, which drop Raw Turtle Meat, and occasionally, two epics. We're not that interested in these turtles as we are for the other two mobs, but since they come in pack, we'll grind these two. The thing with these is that they're skinnable so they're not a complete waste of time.

Saltback Yearlings are mobs which spawn along with the Saltback Turtles, but these ones are easier than the rest. They have 160k hp, are level 87 - 88, and have a significantly better drop than the turtles. There are 238 drops, among them is the Raw Turtle Meat and a bunch of greens and some blues. These are also skinnable.

Slitherscale Rippers are mobs with 400k HP, are automatically aggroed, and are also a great profit. They drop Windwool Cloth, some cooking ingredients, and most importantly 8 rarely dropped epics.
Bonus: If you're a rogue, you can pickpocket these, they drops some high-priced junk.

So what do you do? Grind them, skin them, go to a vendor, sell junk, go to AH sell your shit. And there's your profit. They respawn extremely fast so that won't be a problem, they also spawn all over the border of the isle.
All of this is much easier as a plate wearer, as you can pull 15 of them all together and slay/skin them in no time. Being a caster will prolong the slaying for a bit.
After an hour of farming I collected:

  • 100 Spirits of Harmony
  • 100 stacks of Exotic Leather
  • 50 stacks of Prismatic Scale
  • 12 stacks of Trillium Bar
  • 250 Greens
  • 3 Blues
  • 3 Epics
  • Shitload of cooking stuff
  • 800g of junk

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