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Monday, July 8

Farming Spot for Windcloth and Gold.

Where are we going?
In Townlong Steppes, Shallowstep Pass. The exact spot is on the coords 80.65, 87.04
Here's where it is on the map (The map might not match coords)

What are we farming:
Within the area, the mobs, Krik'thik Scentlayer, travel around in groups and are stealthed the whole time but leave a very visible trail behind them. On the coords, 80.65, 87.04, they pass well enough for you to aggro about five at a time and have about 271k health. They hit pretty hard with their bleed effects, but a 90 will be able to kill them very fast without dying. You get to fight as many as they like because they don't aggro you until you hit them. I recommend using a Battle Horn, which can be dropped from Blackhoof in Valley of Four Winds, to attract them easier.

What can we get?
Mainly, Windwool cloth, but some stat foods are high drop rates here as well as motes of harmony. Greens and occasional blues can be found here as well.

What should we bring for a better farming experience?
I highly recommend being a tailor with Northern Cloth Scavenging
Having a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth or any other item that allows you to sell stuff on the spot, would be great for this area.

Bringing some Potions of Luck would be great as well.
If you have it, then Helpful Wikky's Whistle would be an amazing thing to use while farming here as well.

What are some farming experiences here?
Without the Cloth Scavenging, I earned only 4 stacks of windwool cloth in thirty minutes.
With the Cloth Scavenging, I earned 14 stacks of windwool cloth in thirty minutes.
After 30 minutes, I managed to also rack up 34 green items, 1 blue item, 42 Motes of Harmony, 600 gold, and 3 stacks of stat foods.

Hopefully this helps you guys in your windwool cloth needs, good luck farming.

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