Here is an amusing little trick. It's every guy WoW players ( Well some perv players )  dream all put into 1 macro.

Code:/click TabardFrameCustomization2RightButton

press this^, then v)

Code:/click TabardFrameCustomization1LeftButton

and now it will work fine if it wasn't already.(try both ways before crying it's not working)

yeah yeah blah blah its the same macro from the other post, but i found a different method and something else your could do with it.... Take off all your TABARD and your SHIRT and your CHEST. And click this macro above, now your female character's boobs are now showing!!! no more ME to do this, just press this macro and gg

Your character will look like its have a panic attack or seizure because it is blinking every time you press the macro.

Well enjoy!! And i hope you guys can have some fun with your new and improved naked characters

SS Proof:

 Ok ok found out that this is actually really very much client side. Whenever u do this, and even /reload it stays, if u logout and log back in it stays. U need to actually close down your client completely for this to go away. If u mess up or talk to the guild master in a city(the npc) then just close down your client and open it again and u can do it.

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