For This you need Salyin Battle Banner

1 or More used can make this easier.

Step 1 Clear All Trash

Step 2 As last trash Clears Position Raid. Durumu will Start Descending

Step 3 Use Salyin Banner when he is almost down (around halfway or slightly lower)(easier to do when reset)

Step 4 He will Target the spawned add and attack it. Make Sure your tank taunts boss as soon as its targetted. (is easier with 2 banners used at same Time)

Step 5 Just Nuke boss he will only do Hard Stare on Tanks and wont use it on mechanics like maze (which he wont do so its even easier)

Step 6 Profit GG free loot free HC kill

Note: This works in LFR and in Normal also. Like I said he will only do hard stare on tanks nothing else hes like a raid dummy.

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