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Thursday, August 8

Inscription n X mute alchemy/jc/enchating gold making

Here is a quick tip on how to get 1000-2000k dailywith 10mins effort with inscription.

I buy the cheapest herb on the market which should be Green Tea Leaf(most of the times)
On my server Green tea leaf sells from 9 to 22 g a stack.

I invest 1k on them and I mill everything and make them Starlight inks (even trading 10Dream for 1 Starlight) after that i craft 3 boe shoulder enchats for each specc(Tank,Int,Agi,Str) and i list them on ah on my experience best timepeak is at 18:00 or 22:00 wow time. All rest Starlights listed on ah by a tiny undercut

iIget clear profit of 2k by doing this
(DO NOT OVERFLUID THE MARKET TRUST ME ITS BAD just invest a small portion of golds on it) and that's what i do with my Alche Jc and Enchating

I buy ghost iron ore's lots of them i spend like 10k each week on them(they sell 30-45g on my server i buy them when they are 30-35g) Prospect everything using all the green quality gems to make them Rings and Necks and disenchat them I send all Imperial Amethyst, Wild Jade and Vermilion Onyx on my Xmute and make them Primal Diamonds sending them back to my jc and make meta n cut the rest gems and list them on ah

thats very proffitable

you could also Invest into buying them now and sell them on 5.4 cause everyone will need new gems new enchats n shoulder enchats

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