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Thursday, August 8

Mount Indoors

Yes yes you probably are like oh wait i've seen this its a repost, but this method is not. I've searched through read through about 5 threads like this and they either require private servers, CE, or lag. This requires none, just a mount and is quite easy.

All you have to do is first position yourself infront of a door to inside somewhere, and mount up and right as your mount cast bar is about to go off, move back or forwards(which ever is towards the inside) and you are still mounted!! Now wait, you go and test this it doesnt work first time? Try again.. This also doesn't work in EVERY single place. This only works in certain places, i've seen it work in goldshire to stay mounted even in the inn for an extended period of time, and some houses in BoG. Some things to know about this also, seen it work better while you have "walk" enabled. Usually hitting things like walls(not tables or stairs) dismounts you. Make sure the building you are doing this in, your mount won't be too large to even get in, cuz that doesn't even make sense. :P

Managed to rush in and stay at this place, without ever getting dismounted. I could run around on the stone floor but not anywhere else. I don't see how this could give you an unfair advantage though and I think this is limited to a very few places aswel. 

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