I remember when I had a Tauren Shaman in TBC (when I first started). When you hit level 10 in Mulgore, you had to go to DUROTAR to get your totem.

So I followed the directions in the quest text. I ran and ran and ran across the Barrens. I died several times. I stopped by Crossroads while it was being attacked by a level 70 warlock with an infernal. I ran some more. I died some more. I met the guy in northern Barrens who i was supposed to talk to. I read his directions and headed across the bridge into Durotar. It told me to go along the river. Little did I know, it meant to go south. I went north. I made it to Ashenvale, realized I went the wrong way, and headed south. This time, I passed by the path to the top of the mountain, as I didn't notice the rock that was supposed to mark the entrance. So I kept going, and I eventually found what I thought was a mountain path. So I jumped and climbed. I eventually made it to the top and... fell into the Valley of Trials. I found the exit to that and headed back to the river. I eventually noticed the black monolith that marked the path up to the top. When I got my fire totem, I felt so accomplished. So satisfied. I hearthed back to Thunder Bluff and started questing with my new-found power.

I don't think I felt that accomplished again until when I got my main, a warlock, to level 60 and started to undertake the Dreadsteed quest. It cost me so much money (this was my first character that I got to 60 and, eventually 70, so I didn't have another character who could give him money), but I managed to find another warlock who did the quest--and who had some of the materials already--to help me out. It took a lot of time going through the quest chain and finding out where I was supposed to go. But when I finally got my Dreadsteed in Dire Maul... damn that was terrific. It even ranked up your riding skill to 150 automatically so that you wouldn't have to buy the riding skill. I rode that horse all the time. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment, since not every warlock even bothered to get it. A lot of them didn't want to make the effort. But I did.

Nowadays, you just get it from the trainer.

I don't even bother riding the thing anymore,since there's really no feeling of accomplishment. I haven't been that satisfied with a questline since. It's one of the reasons I miss TBC.

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