So, 5.4 is coming next week and we all want to have our legendary cloaks as soon as possible.

Obviously the fastest way to obtain it is to farm coins by killing elites in the Timeless Isle, but we all know that the whole server is going to be there waiting for the adds to respawn. And thats going to be a pain in the ass.

So here is the main idea: the northern part of the isle, Ordon Santuary is a special zone you can't join until you have your legendary cloak. But thats not entirely true. As you can see in this image, you have to avoid the red marked zone, or you will be teleported out. But you have the whole green zone to farm it, just dont enter the red one. By the way, the yellow lines are the entrances, you have two of them, one into the red zone (avoid) and another one into the semicirle western of the sanctuary, where you can free farm and you'll also find a chest with almost 500coins.

The adds you can find are elite, somewhere between 5 and 10million hp and drop somewhere between 60 and 100 coins each, thats a lot for the 5000 needed for the cloak and remember you can get the quest in the basecamp in the center of the isle that gives you 1000 coins for killing 20 elites since you are going to kill them anyway( This quest is given by Emperor Shaohao, marked his location in the map with a black circle, but you have to do a the first quests of introduction into the isle to get it

The adds respawn faster than you will be able to kill them, so its basically constant farming You should go in party, one tank one heal 3 dps should do fine in speed. Remember coins dont get split up between members, everyone can loot them so thats by far the way to go.

So, how do you enter this zone without the cloak? Basically you wanna go north of the isle in your flying mount and try to fall into the zone. Can be quite tricky so i did a little video to show it to you. Obviously as a monk i died from the fall, thats no problem, the whole party can die and you'll respawn at the graveyard marked with a blue dot, where you can start doing the green route, just don't enter the red zone!

Video of how to do the jump (obviously Slow fall, Levitate, or inmunites may save your life, but thats not really important, the jump is not that hard, just get as high as possible and try to fall into the zone. If you fall outside the walls you'll be teleported to the center of the isle so practice a bit and you'll see its quite easy)


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