On this encounter you have 2 out of 3 possible monkbuffs. in 4 seperate rooms.

The Tankbuff alone does about 300k-400k dps per tank depending on how much you pull (not including other dmg of the tank who has it)

So basically what you gonna do is stack as much tanks as possible and completly rely on tankbuffs.
If you have no tankbuff in one room wipe instanly. and once you have a try were you have 1 tankbuff in each of the 4 rooms its a freekill thats basically impossible to wipe.

A perfect setup would be 21 tanks 4 heals or 8 tanks 2 heals in 10m but it should be enough if you just let everyone who can specc tank.

The chance to have a tankbuff in each room is 19:100 what means after ~5 pulls you should have it on average

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