Tuesday, September 17

Garrosh Hellscream down, new warchief revealed

For those of you keeping track that is two expansions in a row thrall is trying to take credit for the killing blow. Go'el "Thrall" of the Frostwolf Clan, Warchief, World Shaman, Worldbinder, Kill Stealing Whorechief. Obviously, he like the letter W.

Alliance Version: 

Horde Version:

I swear, if Garrosh escapes in some sort of Saturday morning cartoon villain nonsense, I'm gonna be rather butthurt. This is properly what will happen though... Garrosh is being held prisoner in Pandaria, Sargeras returns, or one of his lieutenants, frees Garrosh and he's some demon twisted super orc in whatever expansion. Calling it now.

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