Tuesday, September 3

Honorbuddy ceased with sales in Germany

A new update from the Bossland GmbH developer in charge Hawker concerning the sale of Honorbuddy bot has emerged.

Apparently Blizzard Entertainment has paid €650,000 to cease the sale and usage of Honorbuddy in Germany. Not much is known for now, except for this fact itself. Hawker announced this not more than an hour ago on the official forums of Bossland GmbH. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the current status and progress of that particular court case, as it's still an on-going 'wrangle'.

The official forums seem to be taken down, either by a server failure or, most probably, because of legal precautions which must be taken in order to continue sales outside of Germany. Stay tuned with us, as we may bring some exclusive information about this. Until then, let us know how this affects you, and what's your opinion about this in the comments below. ...

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