As the title say this exploit/guide is for Iron Qon (tested only on normal) second phase (Quet'zal, the Stormcaller) and its focusing on hes Rushing Winds ability (Tornado's)

I found by accident a spot with my hunter last week and tried to do it the same way this week to and it worked so i decided to tell my raid about it and we managed to doit (well a few didn't cause they where slow but it works.

I don't tested this if the tank has to stack to or not .. we just decided that the tank stays out and just use a warlock portal :P

The {cross} marks the place where we stack up before the Rushing Winds and basically get LOS (no one there will get pulled but u still will bee unable to act for 2-3 seconds till the "cast" ends.

here you can see exactly what i am talking about

Hope this helps people

PS. Not tested on HC

I don't know if this is intended or not ... if its a bug or not or anything like that matter
in my opinion this LOS works like the LOS in TK (last boss - behind statues ) but my guild mates say this might bee a " breaker "

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