So basicly what you have to do is get the lvl 85 character to the Dooker Dome in Kun-Lai Summit. You need at least 2 lvl 90s, but the more you can get the better will it be. You need a guy to constantly kill the mobs at the green mark (check the picture), the rest of your team will kill everything that the lvl 85 character tagged at the purple mark(The tagging guy should NOT be in the party). The red mark is the spawnpoint of the elit hozen called Big Gladiator Chief. You should focus him while aoe all the Cagemasters at the same time. If you do it right you can get instant respawns on the Cagemasters after they die and a 2-3 second respawn timer on the Big Gladiator Chief after his death. About the xp/hour: with a guild standard and 3 lvl 90s helping out we could get somewhere around 22 million xp/hour and it raises as you level up to 88. The best we could get at lvl 88 was nearly 40 million xp/hour(these numbers are NON-RESTED xp/hours!). Little side note, Scritch, a lvl 88 rare spawnes randomly in one of the caves around the arena. If you tag him you can get up to 250k xp for him.

You need like 3-5 minutes ramp up time to do this effectively, after killing the Cagemasters on the green mark side for like 5 mins they will start spawning a bit faster and on not more than 1-2 spots, so you don't have to run around.

The location in Kun-Lai Summit

Explanation of the previously mentioned marked spots 

Tips and tricks that we used:

  • If you boost a hunter you can put an explosive trap on top of the spawnpoint of the Big Gladiator Chief and it will instantly tag him every tim he spawns.
  •  As a hunter you can put your pet passive on the purple mark and Misdirect every mob you tag to your pet with the glyph of misdirection. With this tactic you can use Aspect of the Cheetah, so you can tag even faster.
  •  As a shaman you can place your magma totem near the spawnpoint of the Big Gladiator Chief to tag just like the hunter tarp.
  •  As a destruction warlock you can rain of fire spam the whole tagging area.

If you try this area and find out some better stategy for more effective leveling there, then please don't hesitate to comment.

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