This is just too simple, yet very very profitable.

First, get there yourself:

Then, stand on the edge of the cut off bridge.

Whisper people on the other side, and ask them if they need a hand (many of which do).

Set your price. Personally I ask for 500g-1000g, and people are more than willing to pay when you tell them what loot the Blazing Chest contains. Also, 500-1000 is not considered very much to anyone nowadays'.

Tell them to attempt to jump over with their mount, and when they do, you grip them over with Leap of Faith. You have to be in party with them, of course.

I've been making at least 6k an hour doing this on a very populated server (Sylvanas).

This is the quickest and most profitable way of boosting people to Ordon for money I've come across (made up myself actually).

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