So, i've in flex with pugs done it once without screenshotting.
Later i did it with a full guild group, in heroic, screenshotting it.

So, it goes like this, You're able to use one lootcoin for two bosses, given you kill it fast enough.

So currently i've done this with Galakras & Iron Juggernaut.

And currently working on getting coins for an alt, to test it out on world bosses.

Sum Up:

Kill two bosses within the time it takes for a "loot window" to run out, and then use a mouseclicking program or macro to instantly click both lootwindows on the same time.
You'll wind up using 1 lootcoin, for two rolls, giving you 1 extra chance of getting loot.

I could imagine it would be easier to do this on Ordos & The Celestial Bosses, as they're in the same area aswell.

i'll try it later though!

Good Luck attempting this!

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