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Battle pet Raffles

A raffle means of raising money by selling numbered tickets, one or some of which are subsequently drawn at random, the holder or holders of such tickets winning a prize.

Just like selling the fortune cards.. nothing bannable about that.

How do that with battle pets?
Take assorted battle pets and gift wrap them sell the gift wrapped packages in trade for 100g each!

What you are doing is:
  1. Buy pets at vendors for 50g max
  2. Learn, cage and giftwrap them
  3. Sell the gifts through trade for 100g each
Well, that is a pure profit situation as nothing is worth more than 50g. But you need to find buyers. That might work some time by just shouting in trade that each gift contains a battlepet. But in the end you need some "Grand Shiny Blingbling Prize" that your potential buyers will want to win. Let's say a LVL25 Anubisath Idol or whatever. You don't want a bad reputation if you want to sell something in trade chat.

Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper
horde side I'd go with Jark t he is in Razor Hill, Durotar
ally side I'd go with Brog Hamfist  he's in Goldshire, Elwynn Forest

Which pets do I go with?
This is my list of vendor, faction tradibles and a few high drop rate pets

Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot

in dalaran for 50g  Albino Snake - Item

also in dalaran for 50g Obsidian Hatchling - Item

also in dalaran for 50g Ancona Chicken - Item

1g off a wizard Polymorphed as a chicken in thousand needles Dealer Rashaad  Has a few pets to offer as well:

Flik offers two different types of frogs for 1g each must be during darkmoon faire so stock up before hand.

Ally side pets

  • Flik  offers two owls at 50s each
  • Sixx offers three moths at 50s each
  • Donni Anthaniaoffers four cats at 40s each

horde side pets
  • Halpa  offers a praire dog for 50s
  • Jilanne offers 3 dragonhawks for 50s
  • Sairuk offers a penguin for 12g once exalted with the kalu'ak must be unlearned to be traded
  • Grella  offers a nether ray fry for 40g at exalted with the the skyguard 28g if you're in a lvl 25 guild

want to go the extra mile?

Make sure to learn and unlearn the pets that appear as common will become an uncommon battle pet once unlearned!

Try these pets :

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