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Thursday, October 31

Immunity Item Bug

Found something Interesting. 

There's an item called Cracked Talisman (Cracked Talisman - Item) that 100% drop from two rare spawns in Jade Forest: Fixxul Loneyheart (Alliance Version) / Lorbu Sadsummon (Horde Version) -- The spawn rate is close to 5 minutes.

When 5.4 hit -- the item no longer is considered Jade Forest only -- can be used outside of Jade Forest (except battlegrounds) and now be used in combat.

The item is a 3 stack, with a 3 second cooldown and lasts for 20 seconds each charge, meaning it's spamable. The item is however unique, so it's only good for 1 minute. You can't attack or cast spells unless you remove the buff, but it can avoid and allow some really groundbreaking things such as boss ability hits or PvP scenarios for stealth related classes.

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