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Thursday, October 31

Make brawler's guild and rare elites easy

The following items can be farmed from the ghost pandas on TI:

  • Bubbling Pi'jiu Brew
  • Thick Pi'jiu Brew
  • Misty Pi'jiu Brew

Each produces a ghost panda that will fight for you for ten minutes. These can be used anywhere in the world currently, though not in instances. Brawler's guild appears not to count as an instance. You can have all three up at the same time.

This in itself is a significant dps increase.

However, you can make it much more effective with the cracked talisman:

which makes you immune to all damage for a minute.

The cracked talisman can also be used in brawler's guild-at first glance I thought it was fairly useless because you can't attack or cast spells but it turns out that you can  summon the pandas while in the invulnerable state.

Additionally, you can call up your imp, elemental, hunter's pet etc etc to do additional dps.

Finally, there are several trinkets such as terracotta fragment, or crate of kindnapped puppies, which summon pets to fight for you. All in all, you can have numerous pets fighting for you while you yourself are invulnerable.

Because the BG opponents take a lot of dps to take down, you probably want to use the talisman and the pets when you are near death having blown all your cooldowns.

Much the same strategy can be used when fighting rare elites. The main difference is that you can use the ghost pandas TWICE, here's how: 

Summon them, funk around for nine minutes, the cooldown on the brews is ten minutes. Send your ghost pandas at the rare, if they die you can summon more when the cooldown is up immediately afterwards.

To a lesser extent the same strategy can be used to make it easier when fighting world  bosses with a raid group.

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