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Friday, November 1

Insane Hunter burst (pve)

"Hex of Jammal'an" debuff from Sunken Temple can be applied to a pet and stack in duration. A BM hunter then gets all his stampede pets the debuff by pulling the boss with his pet and waiting for him to cast the debuff on it. When you put the pet in the stable the debuff stays on the pet and doesnt decay so you need to get it on all your pets except your main one which your have out at all times, because the debuff will fall off. 

Now when the hunter pops stampede on his opener can burst 1-3 mill dps (550ish ilvl) and the debuff will stay on the pets when stampede is on cd.

The Buff:
Hex of Jammal'an - Spell - World of Warcraft
Damage Done - 22-10 19:20 - Reforged Gaming - World of Logs

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