Monday, October 28

effortlessly farming bloody coins with scuttler's shell as a ranged class

So after getting my ashide mushan beast I figured I'd share this exploit with the world while it still works..

It involves the item Scuttler's Shell - Item - World of Warcraft (scuttler's shell) and ofcourse, the censer of eternal agony.

The idea is that after using scuttler's shell, your aggro range is pretty close to melee range of a mob/guard.
The effect of this is that you can pick off people at the Celestial Court in conjunction with the censer, without getting guard aggro (unless you are within melee range of a guard, which is why i suggest doing this as a ranged.) If your victim attacks you back in any way and does not have his own scuttler shell, the guards will aggro onto him and kill him.

Have fun while it lasts boys and girls.

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